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Caithness, Scotland

Mixed use

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The creation of a long term master plan to structure and support the regeneration of a historic village stretching from the shore, past the confluence of two rivers, and beyond into the undulating higher inlands

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We have been appointed to work with the management team of this private estate in the highlands of Scotland to develop a master plan for the restoration and sensitive reinvigoration of this largely unused village.

The original village stretches from the shore and a cluster of cottages, a fishing store with a subterranean icehouse, through to the former coaching inn, post office, laundry and brye range.  A total of 13 of the buildings or structures are listed, including two bridges that supported the former route of the A9 road.

Developed as a four-phase plan to introduce short-, and longer-term residential accommodation alongside medium- and longer-term workshop spaces, the masterplan responds with care to the sensitive historical and environmental context whilst supporting the small but vitally important number of long-term existing residents who live in two groups of cottages either side of the A9. 

We have commenced phase 1 which draws in four of the listed buildings, balances tangible works that will bring immediate benefits alongside key enabling and infrastructure work and landscaping, allowing this to grow so that as the later phases are complete the proposals as a whole will reach maturity.

Client : Welbeck Estate

Area : 4,550 sq.m

Value : Confidential

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